Marici 150 Darklight


Round LED downlight with extremely high efficiency up to 149lm/w and shallow build-in height. Trumpet shaped darklight reflector made of 99,98% specular aluminum with wide beam angle (>70°) CRI>80. Very low glare (UGR<18) and minimal brightness due to unique darklight reflector design. White painted die cast aluminium body (RAL9003).

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      1. Since the founding of Melis Lighting in 1978 we have always tried to develop innovative lighting solutions.

        The current product range is more complete than ever before. Our new LED portfolio offers a wide variety of downlights, accent lights, track spots, pendants, and other great luminaires for any project. In other words, Melis Lighting is the one stop-shop for the lighting specifier, architect or installer.

        Together with our customers we will try to find a practical solution for any lighting challenge. With Melis Lighting you are ready for the technological changes in the lighting market.



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